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    Busted URLS When Exporting to PDF

    peterpica Level 1

      All of my URL's are malfunctioning after exporting to Acrobat, but the mailto: link works. When I manually copy/paste the URLs from the InDesign CS5 document to my browser, they work fine; but when I click on them in Acrobat, I get incorrect page links (Google, Verizon, misc., etc.)




      Any ideas? If no fix, how can I disable them altogether and just have the clicent copy & paste to their browsers like I must do.



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, they are broken. In Acrobat 9 Pro, when I pause over them (e.g., the top link on the last page in the "SWITCH POINTS" section), the tooltip shows what they're pointing to. That one points to http:www.trainelectronics. They apparently broke because they're appearing on multiple lines.


          I'd create the links in Acrobat instead. Select the text with the Select Text tool. Right-click on the text and choose Create Link. You'll be taken into a "wizard" to create a web link.

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            peterpica Level 1

            THANKS TONS STEVE!



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              [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

              If I view this PDF, I don't get any hyperlinks at all. That's because I don't trust Acrobat to correctly identify hyperlinks in text! They are not marked as a hyperlink inside the PDF, and so it's up to the user viewer (and settings) to 'recognize' them.


              Other than what Steve said: why not create all of your hyperlinks in InDesign? That has several advantages:


              * You can link any text to a hyperlink, it doesn't need to be the actual hyperlink text

              * They can span multiple lines.

              * You can safely let InDesign break the text and insert hyphens anywhere.

              * The hyperlinks will work on every PDF viewer that supports hyperlinks, not just the Latest From Adobe that tries to interpret the on-screen text.

              * The hyperlinks will work even if you switch above-mentioned text interpreting off.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                To get the hyperlinks to work in in ID when you export, you have to use settings that include them. That should be automatic when exporting "interactive" flavored PDF, but if you select one of the print presets you need to click the include hyperlinks checkbox in the dialog.

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                  peterpica Level 1

                  Creating in Acrobat was a tad too much work, especially for a doc that was going to be heavily revised prior to publication. I'd have to redo every edit. I tried to create the URLs within InDesign but couldn't get them to work either so I just 'punted'.... shortened all with google's help and put on line by themselves in the text.... they're fine now. Thanks for your suggestions though! Appreciate it very much!