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    Analog Clock Chime Challenge - not on the hour


      I have a custom analog clock job. The following page will help you understand it:

      Here is the author's mathematical description:
      60 seconds per minute X 60 minutes per hour = 3600 seconds per hour

      3600 seconds per hour X 12 hours on a clock = 43,200 seconds from ‘noon’ to ‘midnight’ on an analog clock
      43,200 seconds /11 waves = 3,927.2727 seconds per wave
      3,927.2727 seconds per wave / 60 seconds per minute = ~ 65.454 minutes per wave
      1 wave = the distance from one union of the hour, minute & second hands of an analog clock to another one of the ELEVEN unions of the three hands, around the clock.

      So, from the first "union" at noon, the chime should ring every 65.454 minutes, in which the minute hand and hour hand are directly on top of each other.

      Sound like fun? Would love some help. I have fair experience with actionscript, but this is a little over my head, and, yes, I'v got this in AS2 and would like to keep it there. Complete scripts would be great.