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    Indesign CS5.5 and video


      All programs are level CS5.5


      Placing a single SWF file or FLV file with video (images and audio) on a pdf page, seem to function ok although the pdf page with the video on it is delayed by several seconds before turning to another page. This very irritating at a presentation.


      But when functionality becomes a trifle more complex, it goes completely wrong. Par exemple:

      For one pdf page I have 3 swf files with video (images+audio) between which the user can switch which is accomplished by a 4th swf file with the stage and action code. Make use of the UILoader component and the Create a List component in Flash. Only the swf file with the code is put on the pdf file.

      Although the switching works when the swf's are run standalone with the Flash Reader, it does not work in an interactive pdf.


      Now realizes that there are probably seperate flash reader engines in the Flash Reader and in the PDF Reader and the last one has less functionality as the 1st one.


      When using the pdf with the 4th swf file the pdf wants to go to an obscure adobe website - not the official one - and thereafter an error tells me it cannot find the other swf files. I run the pdf Reader from the same directory as the Flash Reader.


      Is there anybody who has an idea how this could be accomplished or solved?


      Thanks for listening and talking back.