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    a trial question: to install or not to install?

    Filmusic Inc

      i downloaded and installed the premiere pro and aftereffects 5.5 trials about a week ago, LOVE'M!!!!


      i'm downloading the production premium trial as I type (i figure hey may as well go the distance and try out all the bells and whistles)


      so, what do i do - uninstall PP and AFX and then install the premium trial - if so, do i get 30 days with all the programs in the production premium bundle


      just thought to ask before uninstalling anything - as i'm knee deep into an edit that will extend itself beyond the 30 day trial - yup, i'll make a purchase - just unsure if it will be PP 5.5 or the complete production premium package...


      so, under the constraints I have identified above....please share your thoughts on what should i do with respect to my uninstall and install trail options

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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

          You might want to run the Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool before reinstalling the applications as a suite. Individual applications don't include dynamic link, while a suite installation will. You definitely want to check that out! 

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            Filmusic Inc Level 1

            Thanks for the connect!


            In my case, will all the programs in the production premium run for 30 days,


            I'm asking because I have been runing the premiere and after effects 5.5 trials for about 10 days now....I'm not certain if i get another 30 days with these two programs through the production suite trial


            If I do, then great!


            If I don't, then I'll need to buy at least PP5.5 now (as I'm into an edit with PP5.5 and loving it!)


            Although, I'd like to test ride the production suite prior to a purchase...so I'll need to understand clearly if I can get 30 more days through the suite trial (if so, then I can complete my edit with the suite - then after (or before) 30 days are up make a decision to purchase PP5.5 or the Production suite....hard question to answer unless I try out the suite...looking prior leaping here - that's all.



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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

              It should work for 30 more days, as the licenses are not related. Go ahead and install Master Collection. If you don't get a 30 day trial experience, please let us know.

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                Filmusic Inc Level 1



                ha ha - out of fear, I'll wait for another couple of weeks prior to an install of the premium production suite (YES! dynamic link looks like a great option)


                At the moment I'm really really really enjoying my edit on premiere and cringe at the thought of somehow screwing up my ability to work towards the finishline by uninstalling PP, cleaning the system, then installing the suite (even if this is an irrational fear - FACT:  today I have a working system and am choosing not to mess with that.)


                In retrospect, I should have simply downloaded the trail suite in the first place.


                Again, all good on this experience.


                I used to use premiere (for years) but switched to Avid MC 5 or 6 years ago.


                At the time Avid was simply as solid as a rock (which it still is today) but I must say that I have noticed zero trouble with premiere during my trail, and fully intend on using both Avid and Premiere in the future (as I am commited to a purchase of at least Premiere either when my trail runs out or when my project finishes up...whichever happens first - again, I wish to run the suite prior to deciding which purchase will be realized.)


                I'm travelling and attempted to run Avid 5.0 on a 2.4 core 2 duo -  ha ha - that didn't work...so I downloaded the Premiere 5.5 trial, started my edit - and - WOW - everything works!! there's a lesson in there somewhere (ha ha...paise mercury!)


                Nice job on Premiere!!! Great to be back, eveything is quickly familiar....but this time a much more solid vibe/ride!!


                (can't wait until the latest audition toggles on midi controllers...but that's another forum!! ha ha)