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    Sluggish timeline movements

    Jorge Jaramillo Hdz Level 1

      Hello everyone, I'm new in the forum and this is my first post.


      I have a particular (I think the "only") problem in Premiere Pro CS5.5


      When I try to move between the entire timeline the "screen update" is so slow, take between 2 or 3 seconds to show in the Program Monitor the video when I click in a clip in the timeline. Also if I want to move the "current-time indicator" a little bit fast the Program Monitor just freezes and when release the "current-time indicator" take also 2 or 3 seconds to show the clip where the "current-time indicator" is placed. That's is annoying and really lose too time to do that.


      I thought that was problem of the Mercury but activated o desactivated is the same problem, also thought that was problem of the Hard Drive, but with internal or external is the same thing, and I just install Avid Composed to try it (in trial version) and work really fast when move the "current-time indicator", so the hard drive isn't the problem.


      In CS4 never had this problem.


      Video-Files: DSLR Canon 7D/5D

      Laptop Asus

      Windows 7

      i7 quad 1.7 ghz

      nVIDIA GeForceM


      The realtime, the all other features is works perfectly fine, I mean, I'm very very happy with CS5.5, is amazing, but want that my Premiere run very well ...



      Oh! I forget, Sorry for my poor English


      Greetings from Mexico

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          You probably have an i7-740M CPU with a single hard disk. Something like the

          Asus G53JW-SZ113V

          That is below minimum requirements. You need at least two 7200 RPM SATA disk drives, better three. If you have a version with only 4 GB memory, your problems will only increase. You can alleviate your problems by only editing SD DV material. For 7D material your laptop is probably rather underpowered.

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            Jorge Jaramillo Hdz Level 1

            Hello Harm, thank you so much.


            I have 6gb Ram. When Premiere is working (playing video with fx and more) the Task Manager show: Memory Usage: 4 gb Ram or less and CPU: Less than the 50%.


            The performance in Premiere is very very high!, I have not problem with the performance when I edit video even when I playback in full mode with fx, and even when I am render I can still editing at the same time with very high performance, everything run perfectly, just this problem that is annoying.


            I'll try to record screen to show the problem.



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              Jorge Jaramillo Hdz Level 1

              And about the laptop is this one:




              With the i7 Processor.



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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                If your model has the 740M CPU, has the full HD 1920x1080 LED monitor and TWO HDD's you should be OK. That is provided you have tuned your system, since it was delivered.


                Make sure you have indexing turned OFF on all your disks and check here for further optimizations: Adobe Forums: Guide for installing and tuning a Vista...

                It says Vista but also applies to Win7.

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                  Jorge Jaramillo Hdz Level 1

                  Harm, thank you so much, I'll check the link...meanwhile here's the video:




                  Pass: premiere




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                    Jim_Simon Level 9

                    Looks similar to the problems I was having with some Nikon D7000 footage.  Has to do with the 32 bit QuickTime wrapper, I think.  Someone found that renaming the extension of the media clips from .mov to .mpg will solve the problem, and it did.

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                      Jorge Jaramillo Hdz Level 1

                      Thanks Jim.


                      I just did it and still the same problem!



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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        With large timelines (7 hours +) of AVCHD material I have seen similar behaviour right after opening the project, but due to some caching mechanisms in PR, dragging the CTI or Playhead around a bit seemed to solve this. If it still keeps occurring, it is likely caused by your disk setup that may not be fast enough. What is your source material?

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                          Jorge Jaramillo Hdz Level 1

                          Hello Harm, thanks.


                          My timelines is no longer than 1 hour, even with timelines of 3-5 minutes is the same problem.


                          The problem is in all sources:


                          Hard Drive External (USB 3)

                          Hard Drive Internal (Sata)



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                            JFPhoton Level 3

                            Hello Jorge!


                            I have a very similar laptop, the Asus G73jw and edit the MOV files from the Canon Rebel T2i....which I believe are the same as your camera's. I am using PPro CS 5.03.


                            I installed more memory in my machine.....increased it to 14GB from the original 8GB.  I would have put 16GB in, but, the last slot is not user accessable,( under the keyboard)...all works fine and it is dual channel memory. I have the i7 740QM CPU and in trying to reach the best "throughput" for this laptop, I replaced the original boot hard drive with a Corsair F120GB SSD....it does over 200MB/second read and write, as compared to a standard 7200rpm HDD, which is around 100MB/ second....the internal drives will run at SATA II speeds on this machine, ( the Sandy Bridge i7's will run faster at SATA III speeds).


                            I also installed a second Corsair F120 SSD in the laptop to maintain the higher throughput speed of both internal drives, even though the penalty is far less capacity and higher cost. In addition, using the USB 3 external port, I have a 500GB Seagate Momentus Hybrid drive attached via a USB 3 dock in order to achieve Harm's recommended 3 drive setup. ( Although using the SSD in this dock limited the speed to ~ 100MB/sec !!!....so much for the highly touted USB 3 speed...a big disappointment!!)


                            You can see my  test results on the PPBM5 benchmark website that Harm and Bill have created to compare the speed of various machines and configurations. My laptop earned a 372 second total time under the name " JP's Asus G73." Surprisingly, the score is higher than a lot of desktops that are listed. I do not have the " lagging" problem I saw on your video...I suspect your hard drive setup needs to be faster. Harm and Bill have pointed out that in a desktop system, SSD's are not beneficial...however, in a laptop that has two SATA drive bays without the benefit of RAID, using the Corsairs F series , ( which have a good read and write throughput) may improve your performance. You can run the PPBM5 test on your machine to see how it is working.....there are other i7 740QM machines listed on the results that tested much slower due to not enough RAM, and slower HDD configurations.


                            In any case, working with these highly compressed codecs on a laptop will not be as good as would be on a fast desktop....you may need more RAM and maybe one or two SSD's in your machine to get the maximum performance out of it. Good Luck!


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                              I have this exact problem with editing H.264 files from my Canon 5D.  I do have a pretty powerful machine with an internal RAID and 32GB of RAM -

                              I posted a youtube video which shows this problem along with another issue  (possibly related) with timeline clip dragging slowness.




                              The machine specs are listed in the description.


                              I haven't been able to try renaming files from .mov to .mpg yet, so that remains untested.  I hope to be able to post solutions, but for now, I enter this as another data point for tracking down this issue. Thanks to everyone.

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                                JFPhoton Level 3

                                Hello Jorge Again!!!


                                I forgot to mention something that may be very relevant to your problem!!!


                                If you have the Seagate Momentus Hybrid Hard drive in you laptop....( you may have two )...there has been an important firmware upgrade to correct a "lagging " problem with those drives...evidently, there was some power saving feature which caused these drives to " spin down" unnecessarily, creating this problem of "lagging". I don't have the link for this upgrade ,but, it will be easy to find with a few mouse clicks!!


                                Hope this helps!!


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                                  Jorge Jaramillo Hdz Level 1

                                  Hello JFPhoton.


                                  Thank you so much. If you check the video, yo can see that I have a lot of memory free, Premiere Pro in the configuration have 4.5 memory to use, but only use 3 or 3.5.


                                  Now that needles27 have the same problem with  a powefull computer so the problem maybe is of premiere!


                                  Why I say that?... Check the same footage in a external hard drive via USB 2.0, BUT in Avid Composer:


                                  Pass: composer



                                  The files works very very fast and the playback monitor update at the same time that I drag the mouse in the timeline



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                                    needles27-5wuo1M Level 1

                                    Tried the switch from .MOV to .MPG and no luck.  I was beginning to think this was a mac issue, but looks like it is happening on both sides.  The only common thread here seems to be the H.264 files coming from a HDSLR.


                                    I will contact Adobe tech support tomorrow and report back any findings.


                                    Thanks again to everyone.

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                                      JFPhoton Level 3

                                      ....just tested myself and I also see  the "lagging" with

                                      the Canon MOV files....they are highly compressed H.264 files in the MOV "wrapper". Only the fastest CPUs will handle these smoothly.


                                      You may have to "render the entire work area command" to produce the " green bar" over the timeline...( which means PPro has made mpeg "preview files" which play smoothly).....of course, this takes time.


                                      You can even import these "preview files" into a new sequence and edit them instead!!. PPro transcodes the original files into  mpegs, which can edit easily on your system...especially if you are running multipe video tracks.


                                      However, the preview files are actually "proxies" of the originals and when you export, you can make sure they are not used by de-selecting the " use previews" check box to insure maximum quality.


                                      Needles should run the PPBM5 test to see the performance of his Xeon rig first....to make sure it is running fast...   JFPhoton



                                      Also, Needles has an AMD chipset which does not support Mercury Playback Engine ....combined with Apple OS....that could affect his performance.

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                                        Finishing off project but CAN't Get it to Burn to DVD- I have gone thru the

                                        Dynamic Link bit. Nothing. While adobe tutorial shows putting Markers etc. ,

                                        doesn't take the next step into export to DVD. Totally frustrated and feel I am

                                        on the Titanic.



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                                          Jorge Jaramillo Hdz Level 1

                                          Same problem with AVCHD in 720p.


                                          Now the problem is more strange... Just tur on in my old pc and make some test... This PC have 2gb of Ram, intel graphic integrated, windows xp, core duo, I mean, is very poor performance, and put DSLR footage in Premiere CS4 and this problem is not in this version...



                                          I'm going crazy

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                                            needles27-5wuo1M Level 1


                                            Thanks for the suggestions.  Tried to run the benchmark test, but won't seem to work on a mac.  Also, I don't think it is an issue with the graphics card, since my understanding is that the CPUs handle H.264 decoding, and the graphics card won't help in any way with straight footage that doesn't have effects or transitions.  I am going to check in with Adobe support tomorrow and see if I learn more.


                                            Thank you again.

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                                              Jorge Jaramillo Hdz Level 1

                                              With Cineform Files transcodes from DSLR: (1080p) work very very fast, as I want to work with DSLR native

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                                                needles27-5wuo1M Level 1

                                                I just attended an Adobe Roadshow event at their headquarters here in San Francisco where they were demoing CS5.5 with the DSLR workflow.  They shot some footage on the spot with the 5D and brought it into Premiere running on a top-of-the-line PC (I'm a mac guy, so the actual hardware wasn't familiar to me)


                                                I was surprised to see that as the presenter was clicking around the timeline, his machine showed the same exact problem - clips would take a second or two to appear in the program monitor.


                                                I spoke with him afterwards, and he explained that as you click the timeline indicator to a new clip, the software is caching frames before and after it (possibly a clip or two ahead and behind as well) and that is what causes the slight delay.  Long story short - according to the Adobe demo guys, this isn't a bug.  It's just how it is.  I never used Premiere before CS5.5, so I'm curious to hear the OP say that it wasn't happening in earlier versions.


                                                His only solutions - transcode H.264 to another format for editing and/or wait for the next version of Premiere.  Not good options, but glad to have a little more info about this.  I'm curious if anyone running CS5.5 is NOT experiencing this lag when clicking around a H.264 timeline - that would mean that my info is not correct.



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                                                  Jorge Jaramillo Hdz Level 1

                                                  Great to heard news about it.


                                                  Some days ago, I sent twitts to Jason Levine (Adobe evangelist) talking about the problem, and he told me that he don't have any problem similar... So is very strange...

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                                                    Bob Dix Photographer Level 2

                                                    Yes, I went to the CS5 show in Brisbane Australia, and yes it was not smooth, probably an underpowered laptop an Apple Mac. I have given away 5.5 for simple editing and back to Premiere Pro 1.5.1 for H.264 mov files from a Canon 5D Mark II after converting the files to Microsoft AVI/Uncompressed in Premiere Elements 4 (this will give you stabilization if you want it at no extra cost so will Sony Vegas 10) which works like a charm after rendering. Then Import into PP for Final edit, it is definitely "NOT SLUGGISH". I have a EXEON Quad Core 64 bit Windows i7 Professional & 12GB RAM with a Nividia Quadro FX3800 which definitely helps working on Windows XP Mode with Windows Virtual PC.The older software is much faster than on the still working Pentium 4 3.2GHZ hyper-threaded computer.

                                                    I am a dinasaur but, it does a professional job, both Adobe products, a pity the new stuff is not as good for simple editing and production of HDV  and clips from the Canon 5D Mark II to Archive 7 Pro Tapes and 9 Blu-Ray Disc productions., You do not have to think about what you are doing all the time


                                                    Ps.My son who is in the media business runs Apple Mac and iMovie, would you believe to do professional edits and not Final Cut Pro, however, he does use all other Adobe Publishing Products including Photoshop etc, he also runs Canon 5D mark II's, the H..264 mov 1920  x 1080 p files causes him no problems ? As smooth as smooth...................and fast enough.


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