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    [JS] How to use printbooklet to write directly to disk from InDesign Server?

    RF2009 Level 1



      I'm trying to get the PrintBooklet method to work in InDesign Server CS4.


      My problem is that my target output is not a printer, but a PDF file, so I have defined a printer preset which is the Adobe PDF Converter.

      This works just fine, except that this output setting requires a filename and that obviously won't work in an InDesign Server configuration.


      So, my questions are:


      1) Is there a way to bypass the output filename? (maybe some Adobe PDF setting I have not found?)

      2) Am I supposed to use the method differently?

      3) Alternatively, is it possible to create/download/buy a postscript print queue that automatically writes postscript files without requiring the filename from the printing application - like a normal printer queue.



      Thanks in advance.