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    [JS] How to use printbooklet to write directly to disk from InDesign Server?




      I'm trying to get the PrintBooklet method to work in InDesign Server CS4.


      My problem is that my target output is not a printer, but a PDF file, so I have defined a printer preset which is the Adobe PDF Converter.

      This works just fine, except that this output setting requires a filename and that obviously won't work in an InDesign Server configuration.


      So, my questions are:


      1) Is there a way to bypass the output filename? (maybe some Adobe PDF setting I have not found?)

      2) Am I supposed to use the method differently?

      3) Alternatively, is it possible to create/download/buy a postscript print queue that automatically writes postscript files without requiring the filename from the printing application - like a normal printer queue.



      Thanks in advance.