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    coldfusion.runtime.Array vs java.lang.Object

    Owain North Level 4

      Is there any way of casting between these two? I'm trying to write a component in cfscript which involves validating an Xml document against a schema. All the validation itself works fine, and xmlValidate returns a struct which contains two array properties; "Errors" and "FatalErrors".


      Much as they look like arrays, isArray() returns true, cfdump shows them as arrays, they're not; it's this old gem where behind the scenes CF has created them in some crazy internal way which means they're different.


      var myArr = ["value1", "value2"] ;

      writeoutput("myArr.getClass(): " & myArr.getClass()) ;

           myArr.getClass(): class coldfusion.runtime.Array


      var ValidationErrors = xmlValidate(TextContent, SchemaFile) ;

      writeoutput("ValidationErrors.Errors.getClass(): " & ValidationErrors.Errors.getClass()) ;

           ValidationErrors.Errors.getClass(): class [Ljava.lang.Object;


      The upshot being that I cannot use the new 9.01 syntax for looping over an array, ie the "for ( var i in ValidationErrors.Errors )". I hate having to write my code around bugs, so does anyone know if there's a way round? Or am I doomed?