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    Slideshow DVD/Picture Files


      I have created a slideshow to burn as a DVD movie.  I also would like to include the pictures (.jpg) on the DVD so whomever I give it to can have the files as well.  I would like to include as part of the DVD main menu to when the DVD is inserted in a computer they just click on the scene button to where they can download the files on their hard drive.  I wasn't sure if PE8 could handle something like this.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          No, it can not. Not as you describe it.


          You can, however, add your full-resolution photos to the DVD in a separate folder and people can browse the disc on their computer and download them from there.


          The trick to doing this is to select the option to Burn to Folder on your hard drive rather than directly to a disc. Once youv'e done that, you can simply create a new folder in the disc files and store your .jpgs in it. (You'll need to ensure, of course, that the total size of everything on your disc stays below 4.7 gig.) Then just use a program like ImageBrn to burn your VIDEO_TS folder and your photo files to a DVD disc.


          BTW, there are a number of things to know before burning a slideshow in Premiere Elements, and I do cover them all in detail in my books, available on Amazon.com and at Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com.

          1) Resize all of your slideshow photos to no larger than 1000x750 pixels in size before you load them into Premiere Elements.

          2) There are at least 4 different ways to create a slideshow in Premiere Elements, depending on how much control you want over the final results.

          3) For the best results, right-click on each photo on your timeline, select Field Options and check the option for Flicker Removal.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Steve says, you are creating ROM Content.


            What you will end up with out of PrE w/ Burn to Folder is a VIDEO_TS folder, which will contain the IFO, BUP and VOB files. Then, just go to the Destination Folder, where you pointed PrE, and create another sub-folder, say Photos, at the same level as the VIDEO_TS folder. Copy your images to that sub-folder. Check that VIDEO_TS folder for it's size (w/ its files), and that will tell you how many stills, and at what size/resolution you can add.


            In ImgBurn, you would Add both the VIDEO_TS and the Photos folders to the list, and then Burn. BTW - ImgBurn is great, and is also FREE!


            Some comments on SlideShows:


            • Scale your images to ~ 1000 x 750 max, for the SlideShow. This ARTICLE will give you some tips for automating that Scaling in PS/PSE.
            • Depending on how much space you have on your disc, you might want to also Scale the stills to a bit bigger, with a higher resolution, if your viewer might want to print the photos on an inkjet, or similar. However, their ultimate size will be restricted by the available free space on the disc.
            • One option, for larger photos, would be to do a second DVD, or to use a DL DVD (DVD-9)


            I also second Steve's recs. for his books. Besides his general PrE book, his Tips & Tricks book will take you to a whole new level.


            Also, see this ARTICLE on what blank media to use.


            Good luck,