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    gateway.php error with fb4.5

    fabien M Level 1

      Hi all,


      I don't know why, but sinse i uppgrade to Flashbuilder 4.5 from 4 andBurrito, i now have error with gateway.php on my production server.

      On local is ok, but if i put the file on the distant server (and update the amf_config.ini with the good path) i have this error message :


      "Send failed
      Channel.Connect.Failed error NetConnection.Call.BadVersion: : url: 'http://xxxxxxxmy serveur pathxxxxxxxxx/gateway.php'


      I don't know hot to seen for that..!!


      maybe an invalide charset for the gateway.php ???? i try to convert it to latin1 or utf8 with any success !!


      Any one have some ideas ???



      Thank's fbm

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          Yes, you have reason, perhaps is a bug in FB 4.5. The best way to resolve this problem is export your project from 4.0 and import the same project to 4.5. But if you create a new project on FB 4.5 you will have "Send failed .....Netconnection.Call.BadVersion" error when you work with ZendAmf.

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            I'm having this same problem, did you find a resolution?

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              jvtgar Level 1

              Hello, yes I resolved this problem, but the mistake isn't in the versión of Flex or Zend.

              I build another file gateway.php but I didn't paste and copy the lines, I rewrited all the lines of the old gateway.php.

              I think that Zend found some char that it don't like in the gateway.php file that we don't see or class declared.

              Sometimes the error is not in the file gateway.php, but the mistake is in some class declared in the gateway.php, but that reason, you should begin trying with one class, if all its ok, try with the second class etc.


              I begin to write a Flex program that make the gateway.php and a basic class for every mysql table with its fields,  in 4 weeks I will have complete this program. If you was interested, tell me and I would send you an email when I finish this program.