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    puzzle question about menuitem


      I have encounted a puzzled question about menuitem,like follows:


      <fx:XMLList id="myXMLList">

      <menuitem id="Menu1"/>
      <menuitem id="SubMenu11"/>
      <menuitem id="SubMenu12">


      <menuitem id="Menu2"/>
      <menuitem id="SubMenu21"/>
      <menuitem id="SubMenu22">



      <mx:MenuBar includeIn="index" id="myMenuBar" dataProvider="{myXMLList}" labelField="@id" showRoot="false" y="30" horizontalCenter="0" change="menuClickHandle(event)"></mx:MenuBar>


      When I run above code,it begin run well. I click Menu1 and it shows SubMenu11 and SubMenu12,when I click Menu2,it shows SubMenu21 and SubMenu22. But when I using mouse to move over Menu1 and Menu2 many times,it raise puzzled question. When I use mouse to move over Menu2,it shows SubMenu21 and SubMenu22,and then when I move mouse over Menu1,it shows SubMenu11 and SubMenu12,but SubMenu21 and SubMenu22 are still showing!!!  Why SubMenu21 and SubMenu22 don't disappear? Where is wrong? How to correct it?