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    No Bounding Box

    soshagayle7 Level 1

      I am in need of help once again....  I was working on a newsletter..  17 x 11.    I finished 1 side of it which I had placed several pictures and a logo.  (I had probably 6 - 8 different bounding boxes).  When starting on the other side of the document,  I realized that I had not set it up to have 2 columns.   This is probably where I messed up but I opened a new document....  set it up with the 2 columms and placed the one I was working on into the new document. 

      Now I am finished and realize that the 1st side that was finished when I placed it in new doc has only 1 bounding box that moves the whole page.  I wanted to replace one of the logo's and I can't click on just the logo.   I used the type tool and made a bounding box but it only moves the box  and the type stays there. I can't group it because it is not highlighted.  Is there any way to fix this ????

      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          Grant H Level 4

          Sound like you have a text frame or graphics frame on top of what you want to select. do either:


          1.      Seperate parts into various layers and lock them until you have the object in question isolated (then move layers around as neccesary... or


          2.      Command click on object until bounding bx shows, click and hold on center dot and drag.



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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            When you place one document page into another you are creating a link. This is useful if you want to use the same content in many different documents or many times in one document, and be able to edit in one place and update all instances at once. In your case, however, it would be better to either MOVE the page to the new file, or copy and "paste in place" the content from one file to the other to keep it editable. To make a change in the placed file you must return to the original and edit that.

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              soshagayle7 Level 1

              Appreciate your help once again....  Thanks!