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    Premiere (Shooting Video with Canon 5Dmkii)

    rsukhram@tgioa.com Level 1

      Hello all,


      This weekend I had the chance to shoot at a parade here in NYC.  I had stage access and decided to shoot video with my DSLR.  I rarely shoot video but usually am okay with the video quality.  My problem tho is not with the video but with the audio.  I am not rigged for professional style video capturing and only have what the camera has built in.  With that said all of my audio was recorded from the camera's built in mic.  I was also standing directly behind the speakers so the audio levels are very high in the Bass and pretty low on the Mids & Highs.  First should I be doing my audio adjustments in Premiere?  If so what are the best methods or Effects to use to gain my levels.  If Premiere is not the best choice for this I do have the CS5 Master Suite 9is there another app that should be used?)


      As always thanks in advance for any response and help/direction provided.


      Ren Sukhram