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    web browser control

      web browser control, activeX

      i have an activeX (web browser control) into the director movie.
      is in fullscreen mode.
      the web browser control is loading (sprite(1).Navigate(url)) a htm. the htm contains links with target=_blank.

      i click one of these links, the iexplorer pop-up with the page from that url.
      i return to projector (without closing the iexplorer)
      i press the quit buton (on mouseUp - quit - end) on my projector and the projector freezes.

      if before pressing the quit button i close the iexplorer opened, it works...

      -i tried to go in a movie where there is no more sprite(1) - webcontrol and comand the quit there, but nothing
      -before quit i do exit and halt, still nothing...
      -i publish my projector with run in background toggled and untoggled

      anyone have problems like this? solved?
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          I typically stay well clear of ActiveX since it always seems to have
          problems (along with being a Windows only thing), so I can't help with
          the why's and wherefores here, but if the problem is simply that you
          need it to shut down the IE window that gets opened before closing your
          projector, you can use BuddyAPI (www.mods.com.au/budapi) to track which
          window is the IE one that was opened by your projector, and close it
          before your prpjector closes. There are a load of window-related
          commands, some of the ones you need to look into are

          baNextActiveWindow() -- this is how you find out which window gets opened

          baCloseWindow() --this is how you shut down the IE window

          baCloseApp() -- in case baCloseWindow doesn't work, this will shut down
          all of IE.