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    Model Number Index


      I work at a company that creates large product catalogs in InDesign.  (Multiple 1k+ page catalogs) 

      Is there any easy way (or script) to read our text boxes (stories) and spit out the Model# and Page number for each?

      Each product has a text box that is formated like this:

      Model No. (tab)    Color (tab)       Mfr. Retail:

      CA7592C   (tab)    Chrome (tab)    $500.00

      CA7592SL (tab)   Stainless (tab)   $550.00

      I'd like it to report out: 

      CA7592C – p.472

      CA7592SL – p.472

      Can anyone point me in the right direction?  (links to read, scripts that might help)