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    How does one Float a Graphic Object with Text? (Don't want the Graphics Frame stationary)


      I now know just enough InDesign to be dangerous.  So, help me from blowing myself up.



      I desire a Callout/Quote Box to emphase a quote--to separate it from the flowing text of the manuscript.  So, I created a curved-edge rectangle (graphic object) to make the "box", then filled it with the quoted text).  All was well in the land of Adobe Novice UNTIL I deleted some text above the newly-created graphic box/quote box.  I need the graphic to flow with (stay embedded in; hold its position in) the text outside the manuscript, not say anchored to page.



      Is there a way to have a graphic object which is placed in a manuscript flow with the manuscript text, so that it "holds its position" relative to the text.  For example, if I delete a paragraph of text above the graphic object, I want the graphic object to adjust accordingly.



      I am open to any other tricks or methods others use to insert callout or quote-boxes within the flowing text of a manuscript/book.


      Thanks in advance.