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    My WishList  of features for next Version

    levancho Level 3

      Hi Team,


      As  Developer I really love Catalyst,It does complete my FlashBuilder development experience  all the way, but still  I would like to share some of my wishes on features that could be nice to have  for next Version:


      1) Build but dont automatically open new Browser, (currently everytime I want to test a change I have to ctr+enter it and it opens new instance of IE, even though url is the same, would be nice just to build it and I could refresh my IE (saves some memory on IE instances) or maybe there is already a way to do it?


      2) ability to copy some Layers from one Buttons state to another buttons state, for example I designed a button component and now I want to copy some of the

      layers to Toggle button component.


      the way I did it was following


      I copied my finished button and then I right clicked and selected "Revert Component to Artwork" and then I selected all artwork parts and did convert to component -> toggle button, but this way it only copied layers that I have initially creted for the button and not the layers that I have added in buttons over state.


      thats it so far, everyhing else seems great.