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    Issue with Toggle Button Component

    levancho Level 3

      Hi ,


      it seems that there is a bug in the way FC handles toggleButon, here I will try to explain it.


      Lets take a vanilla toggleButton from components panel.

      if you enter its states you will see that on "down" state components background moves down a little and gets little grey. this is how it is defined there.

      but when you test it in browser you will see that components label's "going down on click" does not stick and comes back up as a regular button, the only think that sticks is the change of backgrond color.



      Issue with that is that my toggleButton component does not use background color change on down state, but only changing a background image to make it look like its down and also moving label down. but still it behaves just like a button and comes back up, so is there something obviouse I am missing?