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    need popup window from cfform to go to PayPal using their button

    kyeatABS Level 1

      I have a cfform page (ColdFusion 8) that is embedded in an iframe in my standard html webpage. (Embedded so that I still have the same outer "envelope" as the rest of the pages; nav bars, etc.) I have the form post back to itself in order to check for injection problems, validation beyond basic form validation, etc, then insert form entries into a database. I am trying to then pass the visitor on to PayPal for them to make the payment. This could be either by way of a popup window or a redirect. The problem is that if I just put the PayPal button in my .cfm page it doesn't work. Also, it seems I need to get it out of the iframe context. Of course it would be nice to go the other way (which I have also tried) and have the potential donor first go to PayPal, enter their info, and then have them redirected back to my page. I realize I could then get some of the info I need from them (name, email, etc) in the PayPal IPN return, but there are 2 problems with this. 1) I have to rely on them clicking the "go back to ....." link in PayPal and 2) I still need other info that PayPal doesn;t pick up, like what department category they want their donation to go to, etc. which I can get up front from them if I go the first route mentioned.


      I have looked into cfhttp and cflocation tags. I don't seem to be finding any clearcut answers!


      Thanks for any help in advance!