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    How do I Impose 3 up in indesign?

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      Hi I have a question if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.
      I currently have an in design file that has 3 areas for PDF placements.  What happens is I get separate PDF files and I have to place them on a "spread" so we can batch print out everything.  Right now I have to manually select each PDF to place it in it's proper place.  I've searched and found some ways to place the PDFs when it's one up on a sheet but in this case the PDF is 3 up on one sheet.


      Currently I select file to place.
      I have a template setup and I place my PDF into that area which is setup to shrink to 35%.
      Then I do this manually for over 100 PDFs.


      Does anybody have any ideas how to make this happen quicker?