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    How to change default window size?

    Saki H Level 1

      When I open any file in ID, it defaults to full screen view—that is, the file takes up my full screen. Is it possible to set the window size, either as a default of for a particular file. I have tried the following:


      1. open a new window with no other windows open, saving it as a new file, and then closing ID—no luck.
      2. open an existing file, resetting the size, saving the file, closing ID—no luck.
      3. check Preferences— I didn't see any applicable options in Preferences (there might well be one, I just couldn't find it).
      4. seaching this forum—I saw this issue was mentioned in earlier versions of ID, but wonder if it has been addressed in ID CS5.


      Background info on my system:

      MacBook Pro

      Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.7

      ID CS5 7.0.4


      Please do let me know if more information would be helpful. Thanks in advance!