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    Using "fieldFull" without a keystroke as the event


      I'm trying to trigger the "fieldFull" event without keystrokes.  Is there any way to do this?



      I have 3 pages in a document, with a textbox on each page.  Overflow from one textbox will go into the one on the subsequent page.  The problem is if the textbox on page 2 is already full.  If I type on page 1, I can make the overflow go into the textbox on page two, but since this textbox is already full, I'd like that overflow to go to page 3.  I can set the value of the textbox on page 2 to the overflow from page 1 and the current value of the page 2 textbox, but that doesn't trigger the fieldFull event since I didn't physically type into that box.  A little "plus" sign shows up in the lower right corner to indicate there is additional info in the box, but how can I extract that extra info and put it on page 3?  I don't want to use character limits since I'm not using a monospaced font.


      Thanks for the help!