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    How to merge pages? (the end of page 1 with the beginning of the 2)



      I'm a musician and usually I use your PDF Reader as a chords display,
      I have my songs chords and lyrics on a PDF files, and I enjoy much playing handless with the autoscrolling (Ctrl+H) system and the lovely zooms that even my poor eyes can read.
      But one thing is bugging, and it's the large space between pages,
      When I have song of 2 pages or more, so when the autoscrolling (on slow speed that match the song like karaoke) reach the end of the first page, then comes a very large deadzone, and usually it makes me stop playing to scroll down to the next lyrics.

      So do you have any option like in Microsoft - Word, that when I press with the mouse on that space between pages, it merge them together into a 1 long page?

      Or even better, merge them together into a 1 long page for real .

      Thank you very much,