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    Button outlines and text styles


      I'm developing a Flash application with an Air backend and I've been working on sprucing up our UI. We've created the browser component of our site in an mxml file and have an ActionStcript file to run it. I've run into two problems that I haven't been able to solve hover and they mostly deal with how an .as file can reference things in mxml.


      The first has to do with button outlines. I want to add a registration button which is just our logo so I create an <mx:Button> tag with the icon field as our logo .png file. However this still outlines the entire thing with a black border as if it were a text button. Is there a way to get rid of this border or is there a button object that doesn't have a border entirely?


      My second question has to do with the <mx:TextInput> tag. I want some of the text inputs to have default text in them that dissapears when the user focuses in on the text input box. This hasn't been a problem however I want to make the default text a lighter color and italicized, which I can easily do within the tag. However when I try to refer to that text input box in the .as file there is no option to change the type of font in the box, and thus the user input would appear italicized and lighter as well. Is there any way around this or perhaps a better object to put in the text box's place?


      Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I'm a little new around here. Thanks a lot for any help anyone can give regardless.