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    Extension Manager CS5 not recognizing installed Flash

    JoeLowery Level 2

      Extension Manager CS5 is not recognizing my installed version of Flash CS5 Professional on my iMac running 10.5.8. Based on another thread (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/787717), I verified that I have a XManConfig.xml in my Flash folder and that it has full read/write permissions. Within that XML file, there is this line:

      <Data key="SupportedInSuite">CS5</Data>

      which seems correct.


      As suggested in that thread, I used the ExtendScript Toolkit to debug the statement "BridgeTalk.__diagnostics__;". This is where is gets interesting. In the Targets section, I do have Flash 11.0. However, the path to executable seems wrong. Here's the full entry:




      Group = cs


                  Path = /Applications/Adobe Viper/Adobe Flash CS5.app


                  Display Name = Adobe Flash Pro CS5


                  MsgAuthentication = ON

                  MsgDigest = ON

                  ESTK = OFF

                  BundleID = com.adobe.flash

                  Status = (not running)

                  ExeName = Adobe Flash CS5.app


      Note the "Adobe Viper" which, if I remember correctly is the name of a beta program I participated in briefly. How do I adjust this path?


      Thanks - Joe