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    Create Read-only XMP MetadataPreference items?




      I'm trying to store some information about an InDesign file within the file itself using the XMP blob (MetadataPreferences). I'm able to set/get the values, but I'd like to prevent the user from being able to edit these values (they are controlling a workflow, and ideally we don't want the users messing with them). Currently, I can see the custom values view the File Info > Advanced tab, in the schema I put them. The user can't edit the values, but they can remove them if they thought too. This is what I want to prevent: I see some of the system values are in italics, which means they are locked down. Is there a way to, view script, specify a MetadataPreference object as read-only? I'm currently setting the property along the following lines:


      nativeFileObj.metadataPreferences.setProperty(XmpNamespace, key, newValue.toString());