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    Include art board images in packaged Links folder


      Is there a way to include the images placed on the art board in the packaged Links folder? Meaning include all the images when packaging not just the ones in the document.


      Here's my weird workflow as well. Maybe someone could suggest a change that would improve the process.


      1- designers lay out editorial features not knowing if the images will land on color or B/W pages (dont ask — I wish I could change this).

      2- color images are placed in the layout but b/w versions are placed on the art board — directly left or right of the page containing the color version.

      3- features can sit for days until ready for pagination.

      4- production artists paginate the pages after ad-logs are complete.

      5- images in editorial content are swapped, when needed, to b/w — placing the original color images onto the art board.

      6- features are packaged for delivery to a web production team which copies and pastes the text and images into web templates.

      6a- If color images are swapped for b/w during print pagination and the article packaged they will not be available for the web production department.


      I have joined a stubborn team that I finally convinced to move from Quark 4... but they can not let go of this art board process. Any suggestions, comments or feedback is greatly appreciated.