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    FileUpload over 2gb

    EliezerReis Level 1

      I have a application that users can send files to server. It works very well, but when I try to send a file over 2gb an error appear. Do you know why this limitation? Is there any way to fix it?


      Thank you!

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          MSPMarathon Level 1

          I just had the same problem and am actually still looking for a solution.  Flex with a 32bit php backend can only upload 2^32-1 bits which is right around 2GB per file.  Anything over this and it runs over the limit of the int variable in php.  Flex (even though it is only technically supported up to 100MB) can upload more than two GB if the backend can accept it.  This is just an opinion at this point since I havent tested the upload portion.  The download (even though the totalbytes variable can only go to 2^32-1, then it just sits at downloadedbytes = totalbytes until the download is complete) can actually download more than 2GB.  This is why I think the fileupload can also do the same thing, although I havent tested it.  I believe a java backend uses a long variable, which would go into the TB instead of the GB would make the most sense, but I havent had the time to build a java backend to test this as of yet.  I hope this helps!

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            EliezerReis Level 1

            Hi dude, thanks for answer.


            Well, I've tried a lots of thing to do it. My application server is the jboss 5 and my application use java as back end. I was using flex sdk 4.0 that FileReference.size is a uint type. So, I upgraded to sdk 4.1 that already comes with FileReference.size as a number type. My server is already configure to accept unlimited file size to upload and when the file is less then 2gbs, for example, my function receive and save the file part correctly. I checked the documentation of http 1.1 and I saw  that he use decimal numbers to Content-Length attribute. As you can see, I suppose, that everything is configured right.

            So, I imagined that the problem was with brownser. To confirm it, I did a adobe air application to check it but the problem continue. Do you know what side is causing this problem? Is browser, flex or server?



            I put some eventlistener on FileReference and I saw that when the file is over 2gbs the progress of upload just start and stop immediatly, like events described bellow. What does this error 2038 means? Do you know how can I do to fix it?




            FileName: bbking.avi                   

            Size: 3087802368 (3gb +-)




            Progress: 32768 of 3087802368        




            [IOErrorEvent type="ioError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Error #2038: File I/O Error. URL:   http://localhost:8080/newsmedia/files/upload.do" errorID=2038]



            Thanks a lot.