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    Lion Anybody

    peterpica Level 1

      Are CS5 apps compatible w/Apple's new OS Lion?

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          The Macdoctor Level 2

          In theory, they should be. BUT going on past experience I will not be surprised if there are a few bumps along the road to begin with. I will test on one of my machines first before deploying across the studio.

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            peterpica Level 1

            Thanks for opinion. I just don't see anything compelling about Lion to spend even $30 right now, especially if substantial dollars are required to upgrade all of my apps & plugins too. Apple must need some cash quick to do something like this (not unlike Adobe too).

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              macinbytes Level 4

              Everything has worked since the first Dev Preview. The installer didn't work on some version, but it is now working on the most current version.

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                SuperMacGuy Level 2

                The auto-saving of documents sounds very scary. From what I thought I read, that developers must implement this technology as well, so it's possible it would not show up in Adobe docs. But in my company, we have many automated processes that do things to documents, like output to PDF or turn on layers/move objects/change colors etc then output but don't save the file on closing. Autosaving would wreck them; or all us scripters will have to make sure we save or not save on some sort of scripted basis when working on documents.

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                  peterpica Level 1

                  Thanks for add'l feedback.


                  I think I'm going to pass on the Lion until I hear more positive things.

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                    Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I am not a developer, and I've not worked with Lion. I don't think the idea of autosaving is scary. InDesign has been doing that automatically since the beginning. If you crash, you'll be taken back very close to where you were when you crashed, whether or not you saved the file.


                    And it would have to be implemented by the InDesign engineers anyway, it's not going to happen without that.


                    More intriguing for me is versioning feature. That is what Adobe tried to do with Version Cue, but they never really succeeded very well with it. I'm interested in how Apple implements it.

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                      peterpica Level 1

                      I was using software called "FLOW" which tracked versioning... until it started munging file records that is. It started mixing the time records of different files... never could figure that one out, but it really messed me up. Then I went back to a more traditional time-keeper (Task Timer).