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    key frames not working

    texmant123 Level 1

      on some (not all) effects in PrPro 5, the keyframes seem to have no effects.  This is the first time I've noticed this problem.


      Sequence settings: 720X480 NTSC 30 fps


      asset settings: video, mpg2. 640X480 mono 30 fps



      1. Place asset on timeline.

      2. select asset in timeline

      3. select effect (to wit, problem effects are "camera view", "solarize" "emboss" (I'm sure there's more, but these are what I found.)

      4. place keyframes at beginning of asset with NO changes to effect settings.

      5. move CTI to desired location

      6. adjust settings in effect panel with new keyframes


      desired result - scene should begin at keyframe #1 with no changes to video and progressively adjust to new setting as it approaches new keyframe.

      actual result - scene adjusts to new keyframe setting (keyframe #2 setting) and stays there.  When I move the CTI around, the scene does not change to fit different frames.