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    Keep google map marker after leaving for another view

    takcafe Level 1

      I'm creating a mobile app which displays a google map. You can enter address and put a marker on the map. The problem is when I leave for another view and come back to the original view, that marker is deleted. Is there a way to keep that marker after leaving for another view and coming back to the original view? The easiest solution can be using database, but I do not like to use database if possible.


      onMapReady(event) is implemented:

      protected function onMapReady(event:Event):void {





                zoomLevel = 12;

                geo = new Geolocation();




                geocoder = new ClientGeocoder();

                geocoder.addEventListener(GeocodingEvent.GEOCODING_SUCCESS, onGeocodingSuccess);

                geocoder.addEventListener(GeocodingEvent.GEOCODING_FAILURE, onGeocodingFailuer);      




      Any help is apprciated.