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    Link in target_self with iDesign CS5 --HELP!!!!


      Hello everybody, hope you all fine.


      I've got this very urgent issue: I've created a menu composed by 4 animated buttons (enlarge+change background color on rollover)  and I exported in swf + html page, due to insert it in a webpage using iframe script. so far so good: everything works great but one thing.

      The link target is set as _blank and i need it _self. I other words I need the button to go to the specified link in the SAME window and NOT in a NEW one as it does by default.

      I've tried to got through the html page with Coda but there's no clues about the links as these are built in the swf.

      I've also tried to export the menu in .fla to change it with flash but for some reason the file cannot be opened...


      anybody has any clue?


      thank you, you would save my back!!!