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      I've downloaded and installed Scriptbay (I think correctly) to have a look at it.


      In both Photoshop and Illustrator I can launch the Scriptbay window with buttons and drop-down menu, giving me the option to add script folders etc.

      Listed in the Illustrator window are Illustrator and Cross Application folders.

      Listed in the Photoshop window are Cross Application and Photoshop folders.


      However in InDesign (V7.0) I get a blank window with no buttons or clickable options.


      I have created my own folder listing to organise my InDesign scripts - these work fine in the application



      Would anyone know what I'm doing wrong?





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          Thanks for having a look - I've found the problem!


          It would appear that my Adobe Updater hasn't been working for some time now.


          I've checked for updates in the InDesign/Help/Updates which has downloaded and installed all the required updates.


          On launching InDesign (now 7.04) the Script Bay window is working as it should.


          I shouldn't get points for answering my own query!