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    Reader X fillable pdfs Cyrillic font print problem.




      I have a task recently, to make some fillable pdf forms. This was not a problem, but the problem occur when I try to print them with Adobe Reader X. The problem is very strange, so excuse me if I'm not making myself much clear. So here goes:


      I have 3 or more text fields on 1 document. When a fill one and print it everything is OK, but when I fill more than one strange thing happen.  Cyrillic characters that are not in the last field that I fill don't show in previous fields... Example: If I type in one field "Дианов" and in the other "Пасков" and when I print it last field ("Пасков") is OK but previous ("Дианов") is showed like "  а ов" and that is because "а" , "о", "в" symbols are to be found in the last field.


      PDF Generator - OpenOffice 3.3

      O.S. - Windows 7 Professional SP1

      Viewer - Adobe Reader X  v10.0.1