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    PDF files are freezing my computer!


      PDF files... when I download them from web, with IE7, I about 100% of the time experience a lock-up that requires me to hard reboot.  Can someone tell me a solution for this peculiartity?  Only happens at the work computer.

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          The problem may be that you have an older computer but I assume you have a current system. I had this problem a few months ago to the point where everything on my destop froze and I could not open any program, not even notepad! The way I solved this was to create a new user login on my computer: I then accessed the internet via my new user login and purchased and downloaded McAfee internet security package for £39.95 (does for 3 computers) which I download installed onto my computer. Amazingly, I then found when opening the problem user login that everything had cleared and I now had zero problems downloading anything, and I have never since had a freeze problem! This is what worked for me - hope this is helpful