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    [CS5] XML tags removed from item when adding to page from library




      Does anyone else have the same issue?


      When drag/drop items to page from a library, some of the items will lose there assigned XML Tag.

      Retagging the objects and adding them again to the library doesn't work. The only thing that works is to delete all bad items, recreate and retag them, and try again, until all items stay tagged after dropping them from a lib.


      Whe have tried this on several machines running Os x 10.5 and 10.6, running indesign CS5, containing all latest updates, with no luck.


      I've created several scripts for automating page publishing and the scripts depend on the tags to work. However, this is not a scripting issue. When trying to drag and drop from a lib to the page manualy, the problem exists.


      Is this a known issue Adobe know of?


      Kind regards