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    Captivate file suddenly unable to record/import/copy and paste - shuts down with error message.




      I have a project with lots of recording and I am now unable to do any of the following.  Suddenly when I try to:

      1. add a new recording slide
      2. import a recording slide from another file (one by one)
      3. copy and paste a recording slide from another file


      Captivate  freezes and shuts down because it incorporated an error.  Then it tells  me that another instance of captivate is recording and to shut it down  when I re-open it and try to record again. (there isn't another open)


      I have tried:

      1. opening it and renaming it and shrinking the file size, but if I need to do one more recording it freezes on the new file.
      2. opening a new file and recording.  this works, but the problem is that I cannot import or paste the other slides from the original file into the new file to make it complete.  I also cannot import this new recording into my original file to make it complete.
      3. opening the backup and trying to import or record.
      4. saving it under a new name and trying to import or record.


      Any sugestions?