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    Problems Updating Photoshop CS5 to ACR 6.4 on Mac OS X


      I have version of ACR on a Mac OS X 10.6.7 system with Photoshop CS5 10.0.4. I tried several ways to update to ACR 6.4, but no success yet. What I have tried is below:

      1) Using the update within Photoshop (Help -> Updates says applications are all updated).

      2) Using the Camera_Raw_6_4_1_updater.dmg updater. It says "Update is not applicable"


      I have tried rebooting my Mac. I have tried restarting Photoshop. I tried reinstalling Photoshop. I tried unstalling other versions of Photoshop (mostly by dragging them out of the Applications folder).


      Any more suggestions?





      PS. I need the update to ACR for a new Nikon camera I have purchased. Its RAW images don't work with my version of ACR.