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    Looping and Stopping...

      Im trying to make a little multimedia application. Obviously I dont want my homepage to just go to the next script, i went it to loop so that it repeats the script untill the user clicks to go onto another link.

      At the moment i have created a new behaviour and my event is "Exit Frame" and my action is "Go to marker" which is the start of the homepage. However for some reason, the marker just seems to pause at the beginning of the marker therefore it does not play some of the animations i have put in.

      Does anyone know how to correctly put in some type of loop that will play all my animations and just go back to the marker or frame i have chose?

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          If you have a frame script that tells the playback head to go to a specific frame marker on the exitFrame event, and that frame marker is at the current frame, then the loop will be just on that frame.

          Do you want to play more than just the one frame? If that's the case and you are using a frame script, then move the script to the last frame that you want to show in the loop.

          If you are doing something else, then please explain.
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            Hi Badderman,

            As Rob alluded to in his reply, your message is not clear in what you actually
            want to do. I suspect this is because you're still at the early stages of learning
            Director so you're not familiar with the various terminology, and as such, you are
            misusing those terms in your message.

            I'm going to try guess what you're doing.
            You have an animation from say frame 1 to 30, which you want to loop. This is your
            homepage section. To get the animation to loop, you can insert a behavior (a type
            of script) into frame 30 that says:
            on exitFrame
            go to "homepageStart"

            homepageStart - is the name of the marker at frame 1.

            Now, if you don't need to loop an animation, but you want to just loop in the
            frame, you'd put the behavior bellow into frame number 30 of the Scripting
            on exitFrame
            go the frame

            This plays the same frame (frame 30) over and over until Director is told to jump
            somewhere else. Maybe that's what you mean by "it repeats the script until the
            user clicks to go onto another link."

            To create a link to another marker, a behavior may be added to a sprite as
            on mouseUp
            go to "someOtherMarker"

            You could get into trouble if you drag a frame behavior onto a sprite. So, if you
            had a graphic sprite with the behavior
            on exitFrame
            go to "homepageStart"
            then, you'd experience the problem of the movie appearing to always pause at the

            So, look through all your sprites and see if you have attached that behavior to
            any of them.


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