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    Check Box Problem-Making fields re-appear in different pages

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      To summarize the problem I have, I have 3 "pages"(blocks of information) in my form and I can't find a way to make a field in "page" 3 re-appear when a check box in "page" 1 is checked.


      The first "page" includes a check box that will make some hidden fields re-appear on the page when it's checked.

      the code for that check box is


      if (this.rawValue == "1")
      hide1.presence = "visible";


      hide1.presence = "hidden";



      At the moment, I have




      I have 3 blocks of text(pages).

      I have these three pages with information.


      1) form1.mainpage.staticpage2.CheckBox1::change - (JavaScript, client)
      This page includes the check box and some invisible fields that re-appear when the check box is checked.

      2) fixed text on page 2
      form1.fillerspacepg2.TextField6::initialize - (JavaScript, client)

      This page is just a fixed page of text.


      3) dynamic text on page 2
      form1.Row.Datetimefinish::initialize - (FormCalc, client)

      This page consists of a group of fields that are replicated when a button in page 1 is pressed.

      The code is this:





      I need to find a way to get a field on "page" 3 to re-appear when a checkbox in "page" 1 is checked.


      Let me know if you have any questions, I would be more than glad to clarify any possibly ambiguity in my question.