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    Transparency not very Transparent



      I was given QuarkXpress files to edit and purchased Markzware to convert them to InDesign.  Markzware worked well except for some graphics that came with a white background. I had the graphics in a tiff format and opened them in Photoshop which made them have a trasparent backgroud and deleted the tiff graphics in the document with replaced them with the png versions.  They look perfect on the screen in both InDesign and exported PDF.  However, when I print from either the PDF or Indesign the background reappears as a slightly darker color as the brochure background color.  I researched the issue and turned on High Resolution for Flatting for both exporting to PDF and printing from InDesign, and again the brochures look perfect on the monitor, but when I print them where the graphic was is now white and the box representing the grahic backgroud remains.


      Any help would be appreaciated.