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    Using a 3-d solidworks file

      Hello, I am trying to figure out how to take a 3-d file from solidworks and have it work similar to what you'd see on a website where you can rotate the image and change the colour. The thing is that I want to retain the full 360 degree rotation, so something like Quicktime VR is not right. can Director do this? Or can someone suggest a program to me? I am new to all of this.

      Thanks so much!
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          DAVID NAJAR Level 1

          Yes, Director does the job.

          Just save or export your Solidworks model to obj format, then get the free obj to w3d converter (google it). Import in Director the w3d file, apply some pre made 3D behaviors from the behavior library (just drag and drop over the 3d sprite) an thats all, a full interactive realtime 3d obect with full rotation on any axes. It can be published on the web or as desktop application (win or mac). You can open your obj file and export it to w3d (shockwave3d file format) for Director from lightwave 3D or 3D max (there's other packages with shockwave 3d file format (w3d) exporter)

          Have a nice day.