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    Zend Framework codebase not recognized when editing


      I installed the new Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP and I have successfully converted an existing PHP and Flex project into a forma that is compatible with using it in this IDE.  I am able to successfully debug both PHP and Flex at the same time.


      However, my issue is with the Zend Framework.  It is included as a library in the configuration of my PHP project, but it doesn't seem to be recognized when I'm editing. I use quite a bit of the framework in my PHP code and I have 100+ warnings saying different classes of the framework don't exist or can't be extended. So with that said, I can't get any type hinting from the framework, which to me is base functionality of the IDE. Also, when I hit CTRL+SHIFT+R to find a resource file, it doesn't show any of the ZF files.


      Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get my project to recognize the framework within my IDE?  It's currently using the framework code that is installed with the IDE by default.