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    frames, figures, and captions... oh my


      I am new to InDesign and need help understand how ID handles figures and the "approved" work flow, for anchoring a figure with a numbered figure caption. Do figures need to be placed in frames? Currently in order to anchor a figure, I am copying a rectangluar frame, switching to the text cursor, and pasting the frame where I want the figure to be anchored, then using the place command to put the figure in the frame. I then paste a new frame for the figure caption and move it into position under the graphic frame. I have an object style, set up for figures, and a paragraph style set up for figure captions (which auto numbers, etc...). Once I get all this in place, I select both frames and group them.


      Is this appropriate? It seems time consuming (I am working on a technical document that will contain hundereds of figures... Any work flow suggestions?