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    Conditional Compiling Flex 3.2 vs Flex 4.5


      I was considering conditional compiling so the old flex 3 code stays the same, and flex 4.5 has the changes.  This would avoid a problematic merge at the end and allow the old code to work for a while longer.


      However, I have some changes that aren't working in flex 3.2 (eclipse 3.4).  From eclipse, the optional Compile options are set to:


        -define+=CONFIG::flex3,"false"  -define+=CONFIG::flex4,"true"


      My test code is:


      CONFIG::flex3 {
                      var sort:Sort = collection.sort;
      CONFIG::flex4 {
                      var sort:ISort = collection.sort;


      This works if flex4 but gives me the following under flex 3.

      1120: Access of undefined property flex3.  


      Any ideas?  Is this doable?