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    100% proper way to take 720p 60fps intended for 1080p24 and slow it down/convert?

    msp1518 Level 1

      Hi gang, so far I have found at least foour methods to do this, not to mention many more that are variations on those methods. But I am not getting smooth playback. Clearly I am not doing this right.


      Some say use Premiere Pro. Some say After Effects.


      What is the correct way to get that amazing smooth slow motion effect? I have a variety of clips shot with a Canon 7D in 720p 60fps. I want them playing back at 24fps slow motion and obviously upconverted to 1080p to match the 1080p 24 footage.


      There is certainly a tutoiral somewhere on Adobe's website (or elsewhere) and I would love to see it.


      Thanks in advance. You guys have always been able to point me in the right direction.


      EDIT: I have discovered this...




      But I cannot figure out how to save it as. What type/format? Should I make it an AVI so it is not recompressed? or keep it as H.264 since that is what DSLR footage is? I cannot find any of these answers anywhere.


      When I try to do this and render as an AVI and it finishes, where is my file? I tell it to go into a folder, but it isn't there. God, I am frustrated. Once again I don't get why there are not some basic instructions for beginners out there on this stuff. I've spent al lday on this and gotten nowhere.