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    ColdFusion Builder 2 and WebDav


      I maintain a website that is hosted by a University.  Files are synced from my local machine to their server using WebDav.  For the previous 5 years I have used Dreamweaver which supports synching to a remote site via WebDav in the site definitions.  I have recently begun using CFBuilder, however, which appears to only support synchronization via SFTP or FTP.  My question is 2 part:


      1. Is there a plugin for CFBuilder / Eclipse that will give me the option of synchronizing via WebDav

      2. If there is no plugin what other option would be *Easy*?  I have Transmit so I suppose I could use it if that is really the best option.


      Server is running CF9 and I am on an iMac running CFBuilder 2 on Snow Leopard.