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    Need additional help with audio syncing. DSLR footage and audio recorded separately

    msp1518 Level 1

      Greetings. I need some additional help with audio syncing. Again, all my searches give me hundreds of web pages involving people with ourt of sync audio trouble and that is not my issue.


      What I need is help syncing audio with the takes I want to use in editing. I want the entire take to have the shrill camera audio replaced with the audio recorded separately and then from then on, that is the only audio linked to that entire take/clip/file.


      Now I can put a DSLR clip into my timeline, say Scene01_Take08. Camera audio is there with it. I can then take the audio recorded for that take and put it in the timeline and get it synced up to the video and delete the camera audio. Okay, cool. But it's just synced in the timeline. It's not synced to the original take/file replacing the in camera audio.


      Is this making sense?


      What I need to do is sync audio for all the takes I know I am going to edit with and have no more camera audio.


      For one scene we have a back and forth, two angles and each angle had eight takes. One angle I am going to use takes 5 and 7. The other takes 5, 6 and 7. So I want to sync the audio to those clips. No need to sync audio to takes I will not use.


      But I only know how to drag stuff into the timeline and sync audio there. That won't sync it and marry it to the original clip so that whenever I decide to place a take into my Source Window, the newly sinked audio is in there and NOT the camera audio.


      So maybe I am unaware of a step that I need to take? 


      Do I need to open each take in a different program and do something?


      Hopefully I am being clear enough and I am very sory if there ia FAQ on this. I just have not found it.


      Thanks, all.