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    PDF exporting causes type to vanish!


      I am exporting a 32 page document at high pre-press quality for the printing company. all type exports correctly except for all the left hand pages master page name and numbers vanigh. i can highlight them in the PDF and copy the text, but the text is not visible at all! i have no idea how to remedy this, and in all the years i have worked with InDesign this has never happened to me before.


      i am including 2 PDF's, the first is using the print to PDF option, the other is actual exported PDF... the issue seems to be coming from exporting it to PDF but if i go to print> print PDF he type shows up just fine.



      print>PDF version



      exported PDF version



      it would be great to figure out if its a setting or maybe an issue with my computer, but i have already tried exporting as a PDF on another computer and the same issue took place... i hope it isnt the file