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    linked composition procedure

    EH....? Level 1

      In Premiere I export a portion of timeline to a linked AE composition. Later on, I export another portion of the timeline to a linked AE comp, however it defaults to the earlier project, albeir as another linked comp.

      That's fine (I guess) but later when I want to modify one of the linked comps, After Affects opens it up but prompts me to 'save as'.

      My response has been either of two things:

      1) I've selected what I'm pretty sure is the name I gave the AE comp from my list of AE projects. I make alterations. I close. But nothing I did in AE is there in my Premiere project.


      2) I rename the AE comp. But all the rest follows the same pattern: my changes are not reflected in my Premiere project.

      What is the correct procedure for a series of linked comps in a Premiere timeline?