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    PDFs not opening in Internet Explorer


      Hi, I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, using Internet Explorer 9 (32-bit presumably, it doesn't say it is 64-bit in About).


      Until recently I had Adobe Reader 8.1 installed. Whenever I opened a PDF in IE, it would come up with a dialog "cannot open PDF file in web browser". Whether I clicked OK or Cancel, it would sometimes open in the browser anyway, and sometimes open in the separate Reader.


      Then I came across a (very important) PDF file that didn't open at all, either in the browser or in the separate Reader. I looked around the web and found this was a known issue with that version of Reader, so I installed Adobe Reader X.


      Now, whenever I open a PDF in IE, it simply shows a blank page. No dialog complaining about "Cannot open PDF" any more, but a blank page is worse than ever!


      As a result of reading advice in this forum and elsewhere, I have tried the following:


      - Enabling and disabling the "Adobe Link Helper" Add-On for IE. The Adobe support pages say there should be an "Adobe Reader" Add-On instead, but there isn't.


      - Enabling and disabling the "Display PDF in Browser" option in Adobe Reader. Neither option makes any difference.


      - Enabling and disabling the "Enable Protected Mode at startup" option in Adobe Reader. Neither option makes any difference.


      - Repairing Adobe Reader X (I only just installed it!) and IE 9.


      None of these options have any effect. Opening any PDF file in IE still shows a blank page. I can open PDF files on my hard drive in Reader X without any problems, but it's not always possible to save a PDF from a link in IE, so this isn't helpful.


      I need a fix for this... the Adobe support pages are awful, designed to make people give up and go away. This forum is my last hope. Answers would be gratefully appreciated.